how to use jProfiler

Sithija Thewahettige
3 min readDec 26, 2019



Install jprofiler

You will see a console similar to below image

On your left top corner click start center , it will open the modal you see in the below screen

(jprofile start centre )
Go to quick attach

Select ‘on another computer’ since we are connecting to a remote instance
Set the parameters as below
Add the IP of the ec2 instance

As in the below image add the pem file as private key for authentication to log in to the instance

Leave out the ssh options blank

Enter password
Just hit ok since we have already set the pem file
For this to work you will have to ssh in to the instance and enable port forwarding
nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config
Above command will open the relevant file and just make port forwarding ‘yes’Below screen will appear when you start the quick attach

Change the user to sudo

Once the user is changed to root
Console will display the pid and the process runnng inside the monitored instance
Click on it and open

Click the process and open

Leave the default values in the above screen

Click sampling

Wait till the above processes are over
Jprofiler will reach the instance and will install an agent which helps it to profile the JVM s in
the instance
This will take a minute
Once that completes profiled data from the instance will be displayed as below